Expert Framing 

Drawing from an extensive selection of molding, mats, and specialty options, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect frame to accompany your artwork. All work is performed by hand on a custom basis, ensuring the perfection of each piece. We offer a full range of framing services, accommodating both simple and complex requests.



In addition to offering low cost framing options, Frame Warehouse also offers museum quality conservation framing.  Acid-free cloth backing and other conservation quality materials can be used to ensure the long-term protection and conservation of your artwork.  Almost invisible to the eye, glass that has both UV and antireflective coatings ensures that your image will last for generations to come.   Although many of these products and techniques are more expensive we offer them as a courtesy to our customers who are looking for museum quality conservation and longevity for their art. 

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 Frame Warehouse is proud is offer restoration services by Gartler Galleries. Since 1989 their restoration services have been widely used by collectors, galleries, and museums. Their work is represented in the collections of The Chicago Historical Society, The Polish Museum of America, The Library of Congress and many important private collections.

Restoration can dramatically improve the appearance of a poster. Damage caused by clear adhesive tape, residual stains, water marks and dirt can be easily repaired. Combining these restoration techniques with the replacement of lost paper can virtually bring any poster back to its original vibrant state.


Reversibility is a concept that is fundamental in all modern conservation work. We make every effort to ensure that all materials and techniques applied to the artwork are not harmful over time and are completely reversible so the artwork may one day be restored back to the state in which we found it.

Why fabric-back a poster?

Fabric backing provides support for the paper. Fabric backing can also eliminate waves in the paper 

that can occur during the framing process.  A #12 weight cotton artist's canvas is used as our backing fabric. A special treated wheat paste adhesive is used to inhibit the growth of mold.