Paul Nebenzahl at Frame Warehouse Evanston

Please join us on Friday, June 3rd from 6 - 8pm for the grand opening of Paul Nebenzahl's show. Paul will also be in our Evanston Store on Saturday, June 4th from 10am - 4pm as part of Evanston Made; Evanston's month-long celebration of the arts in Evanston.

Artist bio:

Paul Nebenzahl is a writer, painter and musician who lives in Evanston, Illinois and Sleepy Hollow, New York.  Paul’s collection of 50 poems, Black Shroud With Rainbow Fringes, was published by Silver Birch Press in May, 2014. Paul’s poem, Gusen Station was published in English, Italian and German in 2012 by the International Committee for Mauthausen and Gusen.  As a performing multi-instrumentalist and composer, Paul has created Emmy-nominated works for film and television, and has performed extensively in theater, stage and club settings, most recently as Karen Finley’s musical director. Nebenzahl and Finley have recently performed at the Barbian Centre in Lobdon, the Museum of Modern Art and The Laurie Beechman Theater in New York City, the Richard and Karen Carpenter Theater in Long Beach, California, and the Kelly Writer’s House at U. Penn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Paul Nebenzahl Exhibit in Evanston


Evanston native Paul Nebenzahl began painting with watercolors 20 years ago. His initial subject matter was the Italian countryside.  He started painting in acrylics ten years ago, and began printing his drawings done on the iPad over the past two years.  His work ranges from studies of flowers and birds, of water tanks, of portraiture and of imaginary cityscapes.  His more abstract iPad drawings have been printed on glossy photographic paper, which reproduces their luminosity well.  A seasoned musician and a focused poet, Nebenzahl has always been interested in the visual arts as a means of both deep personal introspection and broad external social consciousness.

See his work now through June 15th at our Evanston location. 


Ausrine Kerr : Friday, May 1st, 6-8pm : Artist Reception

Ausrine Kerr :

Exhibiting May 1st thru May 25th @ The Evanston Frame Warehouse


Intaglio/ relief printmaking for me is a natural extension of my earlier work in leather.  I’ve found that any method of printmaking can remove boundaries  and allows me to continuously enjoy the materials and techniques.  The relief prints have striking boldness. If one pauses for a second glance, there will be seen some wonderful subtlety as well as details in lines and shapes.

High relief, earthy colors and simple concepts are my “corner stones”. I build a piece in layers, using different surfaces, materials and patterns to create depth both in form and meaning. Each layer works with and against the layer beneath it. I use printmaking techniques in order to create rich textural surface on paper and leather.   The possibilities seem endless.

Please visit Ausrine's website to explore more of her many crafts, or to sign up for a class with her!