Ausrine Kerr : Friday, May 1st, 6-8pm : Artist Reception

Ausrine Kerr :

Exhibiting May 1st thru May 25th @ The Evanston Frame Warehouse


Intaglio/ relief printmaking for me is a natural extension of my earlier work in leather.  I’ve found that any method of printmaking can remove boundaries  and allows me to continuously enjoy the materials and techniques.  The relief prints have striking boldness. If one pauses for a second glance, there will be seen some wonderful subtlety as well as details in lines and shapes.

High relief, earthy colors and simple concepts are my “corner stones”. I build a piece in layers, using different surfaces, materials and patterns to create depth both in form and meaning. Each layer works with and against the layer beneath it. I use printmaking techniques in order to create rich textural surface on paper and leather.   The possibilities seem endless.

Please visit Ausrine's website to explore more of her many crafts, or to sign up for a class with her!