Old Frame Week at Frame Warehouse

Some of you know that we love old frames. Some of you know that we repair old frames. And some of you know that we can re-purpose your old frame.

Recently a customer found this spectacular example of a frame from the Victorian era. The beautiful oak leaf fillet work next to the photograph caught our attention as well as the overall size and the portrait. Turns out the photograph is an original tin type.

The antique oval mat had long since deteriorated but the frame itself was in good condition. With a new reverse beveled acid free mat and some cleaning and chip touch up this piece is ready for the next 150 years.


Several months ago a customer brought in several family antique oval frames for us to recut glass and prepare to put something new in. They didn’t know what they were going put in the frames but they wanted to be prepared.

The other day they came in with this beautiful hand cut silhouette of their family dog. We cut new oval mats and installed the portrait. Good as old!!!